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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS2020-02-11T09:15:40-08:00


Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When will La Pueblita be open?2020-01-20T09:02:54-08:00

La Pueblita will be in operation in October/November 2020.

2. Does La Pueblita have the resources to complete the construction?2020-02-11T12:50:05-08:00

Yes, La Pueblita construction is 100% funded. It has the economic, financial, human and material resources to complete the construction.

3. Does La Pueblita have the permits, licenses and authorizations for construction?2020-01-20T09:03:21-08:00

Yes, La Pueblita has all the authorizations, licenses and permits for construction. Those related to the municipal government, those related to Civil Protection (fires, floods, earthquakes), those related to ecology and environment, those related to water and those related to energy and telecommunications.

4. Does La Pueblita have an ecological vocation?2020-01-20T09:03:32-08:00

Yes, La Pueblita has been designed with an ecological vocation, it has a water treatment system, administration separation and waste management plant, materials from the region, packaging management policy, design and energy saving equipment.


1. What is the origin of these resources?2020-01-20T09:27:53-08:00

La Pueblita has its own economic resources through an investor fund, bank financing and family resources.

2. Is the Membership Fee related to construction resources?2020-01-20T15:14:33-08:00

No, La Pueblita has its own resources for construction, the value of membership is not considered for construction.

3. About membership payments, what are they used for, what is the risk to the buyer?2020-01-20T09:28:58-08:00

Membership payments are designed to offer security to the resident, who will receive La Pueblita services. The value of the membership is entered into an investment fund to guarantee its value over time and are available for reimbursement if necessary.


1. Does La Pueblita have the human resources trained for the care and service for Seniors?2020-01-20T09:30:01-08:00

Yes, La Pueblita will provide staffing trained in care, safety and services for Seniors; Staffing will include medical professionals, administrative, dietary, maintenance, transportation, health & wellness, sales & marketing and security personnel along with physical and cultural activities.

2. Does La Pueblita have a training program for the care and services for Seniors?2020-01-20T09:30:34-08:00

Yes, La Pueblita will promote and provide initial and ongoing training programs for our staff in all departments. Customer Service, Supervision of Care and Safety for residents needing assisted living services, along with restaurant, security, housekeeping, transportation and maintenance specific training and policies.

3. Who will lead the administration and management of La Pueblita?2020-01-20T15:15:58-08:00

La Pueblita will be managed by Northstar, a retirement community management company in the United States, which will have an operational team dedicated to the service and care for Seniors who reside at La Pueblita. Our vision is to provide the highest standards combined with the warmth and culture of Mexico.


1. Are facilities designed for Seniors?2020-01-20T09:33:25-08:00

Yes, all facilities are designed for the use and enjoyment of retired seniors, in accordance with regulations and standards from United States, Canada and Mexico.

2. What will be some of the key features La Pueblita will offer seniors?2020-03-26T06:42:56-08:00

La Pueblita has the following areas specially designed for Seniors:

  • Casita & Apartments: each one with adequate door spaces, elevated toilets, and emergency call system.
  • Corridors, roads, ramps and stairs, designed for Seniors. Handrails in specific areas along with  non-slip flooring and large, open common areas.
  • Pool: designed for sports and leisure activities, with temperature control, non-skid stairs and handrails.
  • Game rooms, sports areas, common areas, restaurants, Spa, Salon, community rooms for various interests, art and crafts, public restrooms, underground parking spaces with individual storage, community garden, BBQ area, gym, pharmacy, and small market.   All will be designed and equipped in accordance with current regulations in the United States and Mexico for Seniors.
3. What infrastructure does La Pueblita have?2020-01-20T15:18:02-08:00

A. Water

  • Water Treatment Plant: With the authorization of the National Water Commission, to reduce its contamination. Designed to eliminate odors and noise.
  • Cistern (fresh water holding tank): With a capacity of 75,000 liters, enough to maintain supply to La Pueblita residents and operations for several weeks.
  • Drinking water filtering system: Each living unit has its own water filter so safe drinkable water can be consumed by the resident.
  • Pool: 20 meters by 7 meters, designed and equipped for older adults, with temperature control.

B. Energy

  • Dedicated line: There is a dedicated CFE line exclusively for La Pueblita.
  • Emergency generators: La Pueblita will provide emergency generators, each located in the service and care area (Assisted & Memory Care communities and Independent Living) and for elevators
  • Solar panels: to use for hot water on the entire campus and the pool.
  • Energy saving system with reflective films on glass and insulated walls.
  • Gas: Will not be installed on the campus.

C. Telecommunications

  • Internet: Fiber Optic Technology in all units and common areas.
  • Telephone: Each home has its own internal telephone line
  • Television: each unit will have the basic channel package. Premium channels can be ordered and purchased separately from the cable company and billed to your account. We are currently researching service providers with latest options.

D. Walls

  • Perimeter wall for protection and security around the campus with greenery and vines to conceal.
  • Walls of the apartments and houses, designed to reduce and/or eliminate noise
  • Windows and balconies, designed per Mexican construction regulations

E. Parking spaces, storage and vehicles

  • Parking: Casita homes have a carport for one standard vehicle.  Underground parking for apartments and penthouses will have an assigned parking space for one vehicle
  • Storage Space: Each parking space has a small storage unit (est: 3’ X 3’)
  • Public Use Vehicles: electric vehicles will be available for La Pueblita residents. Advance Reservations may be required with a time limit so everyone can have access.
4. Are there plans to increase the area of ​​La Pueblita in Ajijic?2020-01-20T09:37:48-08:00

Not at this time. However, land is available to purchase if needed in future

5. Does La Pueblita have ecological programs?2020-01-20T09:38:13-08:00

Yes, La Pueblita has reforestation and wildlife protection programs


1. What is offered at La Pueblita? What does a Membership provide?2020-01-20T15:23:01-08:00

La Pueblita has three types of membership: Silver, Gold, Platinum. Visit our Website: for more information, Brochures, floor plans, video’s, construction progress, etc.

We offer seven floor plans and depending on the membership option, the monthly rental fee varies.  In order to provide specific costs, we need to know your preferred floor plan (living space) along with the Membership Plan.  Units are rentals and Memberships are purchased depending on the long-term care benefit you select.  The Silver Membership does not provide a long-term care benefit with reduced rates.

2. What types of care options are available at La Pueblita?2020-01-20T15:24:00-08:00

a) Independent Living: A free, independent lifestyle. Residents have a small house or apartment and enjoy the activities that La Pueblita offers, as well as nutritional care, cultural activities, medical care and tourist activities.

b) Assisted Living:  Whether we deliver care to your private residence or you would be better served in our Assisted Living community on the campus, you can rest assured La Pueblita will take care of all your needs at deeply discounted rates.

c) Memory Care Center: La Pueblita will offer a specialized memory care community on the campus. This will be a secured, home-like setting with programs, activities and an environment for seniors living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive disabilities to thrive.  Staffing will be trained specifically for this type of care and supervision.


1. What kind of food does La Pueblita offer?2020-01-20T09:44:54-08:00

The meal service is designed for our guests to enjoy healthy and balanced meals. There will be 3 unique restaurants with a variety of choices and special occasion dining events.

2. What happens if I require special food?2020-01-20T09:49:33-08:00

The resident requiring or requesting special dietary accommodations ie: Lactose, Gluten Free, Vegan, Diebetic, will be offered substitute menu choices.  Assisted and Memory Care residents will include these special needs in their personalized care plan prepared and served by trained staff.


A. My house2020-01-20T10:53:30-08:00
1) How can I find the floor plans and square footage of the apartment or casita I am interested in?2020-01-20T09:55:19-08:00

There are seven floor plans offered by La Pueblita and you can locate them on our website

Some floor plans vary in size due to location and we can provide you with specific dimensions upon request.

2) Can I modify my Apartment or Casita?2020-01-20T09:56:02-08:00

You can modify interior items such as:  Wall Paint, Ceiling Fans, Appliances and depending on the Membership Option, certain requests may be negotiated.  During the construction phase, certain changes may require authorization and any upgrades would be paid by the buyer. You cannot modify infrastructure established in the apartments or houses such as: windows, walls or balconies.

3) Can I add equipment to my apartment or house?2020-01-20T15:25:53-08:00

Yes, you can add equipment such as air conditioners (Mini-Splits in bedrooms only that are pre-wired), heaters (stand-alone), fans, televisions and other electronics that do not affect the infrastructure of the department. Additional costs for built-in Air Conditioners.

4) Can I receive visitors in my department?2020-01-20T15:40:16-08:00

Yes, you can receive visitors in your department according to the policies and terms set by management and written in the Rental Agreement (Pending at this time).

5) Can I have a pet in my apartment or small house?2020-01-20T15:40:40-08:00

Yes, La Pueblita is pet friendly. The pet policy will be written in the Rental Agreement (pending at this time). Pet Deposits are determined by Membership option.

6) Can I smoke in my apartment?2020-01-20T15:39:00-08:00

La Pueblita is a smoke-free campus.  There will be designated areas outside the buildings for smoking.

7) Are the apartments and houses furnished?2020-01-20T09:59:22-08:00

No, furniture is not included in the rental units.  Our Interior Design team will offer catalogs for purchasing furniture and all other household items and deliver them to your new home.  Our Interior Design Team can assist in creating the perfect space, furnishings, art, décor and consultations charged to the renter.

8) If I want to become a seasonal renter can I sublet while I am not there?2020-01-20T15:41:23-08:00

The units cannot be sublet to another person due to the Membership Terms, health and medical benefits and security for other resident and staff.

9) Do I have to pay rent while I am not there?2020-01-20T10:00:24-08:00

Yes, the rent is paid monthly even if the apartment or casita is not inhabited.

10) Is there insurance provided for my house and my personal property?2020-01-20T10:04:19-08:00

Yes, La Pueblita has property and household insurance with Zurich Insurance company.

11) Will La Pueblita offer a multicultural community?2020-01-20T15:42:23-08:00

Yes, La Pueblita will encourage and embrace a multicultural, healthy, active and fun community. We welcome a diverse group of seniors.

12) Is there 24-hour security?2020-01-20T10:11:49-08:00

Yes, there is private security 24 hours a day, along with a camera security system in specific areas in the buildings and on the campus.

B. Activities, Events and Excursions2020-01-20T10:51:38-08:00
1) Will there be events, excursions and a variety of social settings for residents to participate and enjoy at La Pueblita?2020-01-20T10:16:57-08:00

These events and happenings will become part of our ongoing monthly activity calendar. A professional Activity Director and Life Enrichment Program will be developing and coordinating these events with input from our residents to create meaningful, enjoyable activities designed to accommodate a variety of interests and preferences.

2) What kind of outdoor sports programs will be available on the campus?2020-01-20T10:17:24-08:00

Residents will enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as Pickle Ball, Water Aerobics, Ping Pong, bicycling, walking paths, Community Garden and more.


Our Gold and Platinum Memberships offer these benefits and services.  Please download our brochures to learn more.


1. What are the costs to consider living at La Pueblita?2020-01-20T15:44:00-08:00

The one-time membership fee and the monthly rent of the unit.

2. What does my membership payment include?2020-01-20T15:46:00-08:00

The services and benefits listed in the chosen membership option (Silver, Gold, Platinum). Please download our brochures to learn more.

3. What does my monthly payment include?2020-01-20T10:20:33-08:00

The rent of my home, maintenance, electricity, water, internet, cable television, scheduled transportation, use of common areas, general activities, certain classes (yoga, painting, etc), gym.

4. What increases will my monthly rent have?2020-01-20T10:21:04-08:00

It will increase according to official recorded inflation in Mexico.  Management shall determine if and when these increases will take place.

5. How can I pay my membership and monthly rent?2020-01-20T15:47:13-08:00

Through electronic transfer (Pesos or US/Canadian Dollars). A personal USA check is also acceptable.